4 weeks to gain better access to your own truth, your intuition, your self-trust and your life-purpose.




Do you struggle with:

  • lack of connection with yourself?

  • feeling that grace is not for you?

  • frustration in your spiritual practice?

  • lack of self-trust and self-esteem? 

  • guilt and shame?

  • lack of freedom? 

  • difficulty to rely on your intuition? 

  • feeling the absence of the Divine?


Like you, it has been my case, since childhood.


One main reason is that I've been raised in a conservative (and dysfunctional) evangelical family:

  • No place for doubt and questions

  • No room for emotions, especially these labelled as « bad » like sadness and anger

  • Defiance for people of other beliefs

  • Guilt and shame ever present

  • God presented in an ambivalent way, loving but in the same time condemning


Finding my way to grace and to a healthy and free  spirituality has been a long and difficult journey. But I learned precious lessons, lived beautiful spiritual experiences, and accessed to a deep and beautiful connection with life, with myself and with the Great Mystery that lies beyond everything.

  • Joy

  • Connection

  • Grace

  • Freedom

  • Clarity

  • Peace of mind

  • Sense of purpose

  • Amazement

  • Access to your own truth

Spirituality should be about it, and about amazement and awe in front of the Divine. 


But so often our culture, our education, and sadly our religious education have imprinted in us other certitudes and other beliefs, inducing doubt, shame, guilt, separation, illusions, fatalism.


This is what I call toxic spirituality. Most of us have been exposed to it at different levels.


We may even not be fully aware of it, and yet it poisons us from the inside. It deprives us from the joy of a healthy spirituality and from our free access to grace and connection.


And unfortunately, it leaves wounds and scars in our psyche even long after we have been exposed to it, and even when we have turned our back on it and rejected it.


I’ve learned it the hard way. Toxic spirituality was present through all my education. It informed my life in very negative ways. It was a long and painful journey to face it and to find my way to healing. But on this journey I discovered a beautiful spiritual experience, a radical opening to grace, to myself and to others, and a totally renewed way of living.


You deserve nothing less than a healthy and life sustaining spirituality. It’s the most important thing for a fulfilling and happy life. Be sure to find your way to clear and detoxify your spiritual life.


My deep heart's desire is to help you in this process.  This is why I created « Heal your spiritual life, 4 weeks healing course » so that you can access to new ressources, strength and clarity for your personal life, relations and career.


New sessions open every 2-3 months. It will be simple, accessible and deep.

This course will help you:

  • to discover grace as a sustaining, loving, healing force, available for you at every moment

  • to connect at will with a source of joy and vitality

  • to find practices that foster your self-esteem, self-trust and inspiration

  • to open the gate to a more fulfilling life

  • to face better life difficulties

  • to access better to your intuition

  • to take better care of yourself

  • to access to a strong place in you

  • to say no to guilt, self-doubt and self-criticism

... so that you can be proud of yourself, embrace fully the life that you live, make courageous choices that bring you closer and closer to your life purpose, overcome life obstacles, enjoy fulfilling and healthy connection with yourself, with your beloved ones and with the divine, and know deep in your heart that you are precious, that you are loved, that you are beautiful.

"Heal Your Spiritual Life" is a 4 week online healing course, to help you to clear and detoxify your spiritual life, so that you gain a better access

  • to your own truth,

  • to your self-trust,

  • to your intuition, 

  • to your life purpose.



Progressive, practical and life-changing, rooted in years of experience and struggles


Totally respectful of your personality and beliefs


Walk the course at your own rhythm, no time limit, minimum time 4 weeks/4 modules


Deep teaching, presented in a very simple and accessible way


Direct access to your teacher all along the course


  • The course is made of 4 modules: #1 "Open the Gate", #2 "Remember and Connect", #3 "Heal", #4 "Strengthen".

  • Every week during four weeks, you will receive your access to the new module. You do it at your own pace. Not time limit to achieve the course.

  • For each lesson you will listen to the teaching on video, then you will be guided in meditation, ritual, healing and personal work.

  • Any question: you will have direct access to Marc-Henri via e-mail during all the time you need to achieve the course.

  • The number of participants will be limited to 30, to guarantee a good flow of communication between you and Marc-Henri.

  • 2 formulas: BASIC with all these points included, and PREMIUM with two additional counselling sessions with Marc-Henri Sandoz Paradella, to go deeper and boost your healing process.


  • You know that spirituality is important. It is part of your life. But somehow, you feel a kind of blockage, a limit, a frustration. You strongly desire a more fulfilling spiritual practice and try hard to build it, but you are never fully satisfied with the result. 

  • You are at a decisive moment in your life, a crossroad. You know that you have new choices  and changes to make, in order to get closer to your life purpose. But you don't know where to find the guidance you need.

  • You feel a kind of numbness when you try to access to your inner world. You have difficulties to connect with your intuition and with your deepest feelings.

  • You have been raised in a strict religious environment, it had a strong impact on you, and now you know that it's time to address it.

  • You are a yoga teacher, meditation teacher, spiritual healer. Maybe you have reached and edge in your spiritual practice and feel that you need to address this topic of toxic spiritual influences for yourself. And maybe too you realize that it's important that you do this work for the benefice of your students or clients. You want to be fully aware of this problem to be able to help them in their own paths of healing.

  • You struggle with guilt, self-doubt, self-criticism, frustration. You are never satisfied with what you do, you feel that it is never enough. And this is also true about your spiritual practice: you know that spirituality is about grace, freedom, rest and peace, but somehow it seems that you have not a full access to it.



You will recognize the characteristics of toxic spirituality, what it is, why it harms, why it is difficult to acknowledge, how it can even take the form of spiritual abuse. You will open the  gate of your inner world to be able to see clearly the most important issue you have to deal with now.


You will discover how toxic spirituality affects you in your connection with yourself, with reality and with spiritual experience. Through a powerful guided meditation, you will find the memory related with the most important issue you have to deal with now.


You will reclaim your power to detoxify the toxicity that has been imprinted in you and to heal. For that you will learn to connect with the inner child or inner teenager you were when you have been exposed to toxicity. You will learn to take care of him/her, nurture him/her, become intimate with him/her.


Connected with your inner child/teenager, you will strengthen the adult you are now, and learn to take better care of you. Doing so, you will foster your healing and become able to discern and address toxic spirituality around you.


Free access to Marc-Henri Sandoz Paradella via e-mail during all the time you need to complete the course. BASIC FORMULA

Two counselling sessions with Marc-Henri Sandoz Paradella, 50' each, to go deeper and boost your healing process. PREMIUM FORMULA


"Gems on my way" one month of one minute daily meditations on video, with the treasures I picked up week after week along my spiritual journey, to bring your spiritual practice to the next level. Simple, practical, inspired and deep.


"Conversations to Heal your Spiritual Life" five in depth video interviews with people who faced toxic aspects of spirituality or religion, and who nonetheless found their way to a healthy, fulfilling, life sustaining spiritual practice.


"Recovering from trauma and facing life challenges" E-Book about my journey through illness and dramatic life difficulties, about how spirituality helped me to go through it and to grow through it, and about how it can inspire you in your own life challenges.

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Andrea Huber, Founder of "Om Yoga" Zurich

I met Marc-Henri through a period in his life of the greatest challenge and transformation. I was fortunate to become his friend and witness his courage to take on what was unavoidable with such grace, love and insight, never omitting the pain and the other difficult feelings he needed to face. He invited all of the feelings and challenges that lead him into this transformation, coming out of it with immeasurable tools and gifts on how to handle the challenges of our lives and transforming the poison of our traumas into the nectar of our lives.


Sianna Sherman, Founder of "Rasa Yoga" International School

Please meet this beautiful human being and friend of my heart. He melts me every single time I hear him speak and moves me to tears. Listen to him and fill your heart with victory and your mind with illuminated possibility.


Kathleen Pizzelo, Founder of "The Moon and the Mat" Yoga studio, MA

I was fortunate to share my advanced yoga teacher training with Marc-Henri in Italy over the course of a year.  I witnessed his transformation--physically and spiritually.  Together as a close knit family we traversed many emotional landscapes together.  I have to say that this experience has forever inspired me.  Marc-Henri is grace in action.  He is kind, warm, and passionate about his offerings.  He is an exceptional yoga teacher, meditation teacher and human.  I feel it a blessing to know him and have shared time with him.  I often think of him and smile.  He reminds me of grace... and gratitude for this life, and this very moment.


Jayne Miller, Yoga Teacher and Writer, London

I have known Marc Henri for little over a year, and in that time he has had an immense affect on my life and my worldview. He is a wonderful, humble, caring man, who seems to dig down into ever greater depths within him, to find the right resources in his dealings with life and what it sends his way. Alongside that deep, thoughtful soul, he is full of warmth and humour for the people around him. You immediately feel comfortable with him, that you can trust and rely on him. 
He is inspiring and ready to share. His voice and tone are clear and measured and perfect for imparting the many words of wisdom he comes up with, whether guiding us through meditation, a sequence of asana and modifications, or some philosophical lessons for the day or to take into our lives.



Born in 1963, Marc-Henri Sandoz Paradella studied Protestant theology at the University of Geneva to become a pastor. He practiced that profession as a life mission for fifteen years in an evangelical church. Deep questioning led him to resign: he realized the sectarianism and mind blocks that were at the core of his faith, and the sufferings hiding behind them.

He faced little by little his own shadows, and began a long-term therapeutic and integrative work. He passed through a period of ten years of doubts, uncertainties, personal upheavals, professional reconversion, divorce. It was a difficult and dark period, but very rich and of great value to him.

Then, he discovered meditation and yoga thanks to Evelise, the exceptional woman who is now his wife. He got training in Mindfulness meditation at the University of Geneva, then in Yoga Nidra, then in other meditation techniques. He taught meditation and Yoga Nidra for several years in Geneva, while working full time as a counsellor.

After the amputation of his whole left leg due to a bone cancer, in May 2018, he found himself with the urge to find a new balance for his life. The first thing to do, literally, was to learn to walk and live with one leg. Secondly, to try and make sense of what was happening to him. In that process he discovered the need to grow into a deeper and renewed spirituality, one that would fully take into account what was happening to him, without sugar-coating or falling into magical thinking. A spirituality that would truly help him to face reality. Definitely a "no bullshit" spirituality. It is still a work in progress.


Having passed through such a life threatening trauma, he saw it become the portal to a more awakened and enlightened phase of his existence. In this process , he discovered how much his religious upbringing and family heritage have left toxic residues buried into his body and soul. It resulted into a healing process and what he calls a spiritual decontamination, giving place to renewed health and joy.