• Marc-Henri Sandoz

Wanted Guest Posts

I would like to open this section of the blog to your contributions: whoever you are,

whatever your spirituality, religion, or absence of spirituality and religion, if you have something to say that falls within the framework of this blog, you are warmly welcome.

The subjects to which I will give preference:

  • spirituality

  • deconstruction

  • religious abuse and church abuse

  • lived experiences in relation to these subjects

  • oppressive religious environments

  • patriarchy

  • purity culture

  • meditation and mysticism

  • atheism and agnosticism

  • shadow work

  • emotional intimacy

  • inter-faith, inter-spirituality, inter-religion dialogue

  • rejection of labels and assignments

The framework (it is on this basis that I will sometimes decide to refuse an article): openness, respect, mutual listening, sincerity, no proselytism or self-promotion, except through a link to your website and of max. 3 links to your social networks, which I will gladly publish at the end of your articles.

The goal: to give you the opportunity to express yourself, and to open conversations between authors and readers. This is why I hope that your articles will give rise to many comments, dialogues, exchanges and connections.