• Marc-Henri Sandoz

"So I took them off"

I’m going to let Erin Banks introduce herself:

'I’m Erin Banks over @goodenougherinb

I’m a perfectionist and masterful over thinker who finally decided to share who I am and what I am processing without waiting to perfect any of it. Although my discomfort with Evangelical Christianity started at an early age, it took me about 30 years years to really step away. Now I’m processing, rebuilding and sharing the real me through my drawings.'

Erin Banks' drawings speak volume, more than a thousand words. Thank you so much Erin for this beautiful contribution.

Follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goodenougherinb/

And please, take the time to react, comment, share your insights and your own stories. Let’s open up conversations around our journeys of faith and doubts, deconstruction and healing of religious toxicity. An maybe you too have something to share that could become an article on this blog: please send it to me marchenrisandoz@icloud.com

These drawings were first published on her instagram account.


I love the story of Jesus and the beautiful symbolism of his life, birth, death and resurrection. I don’t love theology that hands people chains at birth that can only be broken by an external force, a blood sacrifice and a life of allegiance. No thank you!

‘Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable’ Banksy

Title: So I took them off

I was born beautiful and whole

Free and good

But I was given chains that were not mine

So I took them off

Because I was born

Beautiful, whole, blameless and free.