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No One Cares About Your Mystical Experience

Dina Gregory is the author of Love at the Threshold, speaker, and the co-creator of La Befana and Friends. When she is not running around with a one toothed puppet on a mission to

transform the world one cookie at a time, she is writing, speaking, & teaching on topics pertaining to love, longing, and the initiatory journey to become who we truly are. Connect with her at her website or follow her on social media @iamdinagregory.

This article was first published on her blog. It’s exactly the kind of material that I want for this section of my blog: it invites you to react, comment, share your own insights and experiences... in short open conversations and get richer and wiser together :) May it happen!

It’s taken me awhile to figure this one out, but it’s true.

No one cares to hear about your moments of divine communion, when the veil of separation briefly lifted and a world of magic and mystery was revealed that for many remains hidden.

If you have had mystical experiences that transformed the way in which you viewed the world, perhaps you’ll go through a phase like I did thinking that somehow someway if only everyone did it YOUR way the world would be a better place.

I think this is probably how patriarchal religions got started.

Some individual went off to traverse the woods of their Soul, had some wild mystical experience, came back to the ordinary world with that “I found the holy grail” kind of look and soon enough everyone whose Soul thirsted for that “something more” followed along.

Unfortunately though, they then went on to solidify and codify that which is utterly mysterious, and soon enough began to take themselves and their new found understanding about the nature of existence far too seriously.

They made hierarchies and overly elaborate ceremonies that only a special few could partake in. They separated themselves from the people on elevated cushions and pulpits, and forgot that life is endless circle of joyful, sorrowful, and glorious mysteries.

But the people began to question and heed the call of the inner voice that beckoned them to make the journey for themselves.

They grew tired of men in robes pretending to have transcended the human experience and began their search for that “something more” by sitting in circle and simply taking the time to bear witness to one another’s life stories, and the way the bubbles gather in the sink after washing the dishes.

What I’ve realized about the spiritual journey is that your mystical experiences are for you. It’s God’s cosmic wink. A reminder of job well done, and the intense amount of work that is left to be done.

So please don’t waste your time trying to explain something that is better expressed in dance, poetry, music, silence, and that knowing glance of mutual recognition shared between you and the Beloved.

No one cares about your mystical experience. It was only meant for you.

It is time you get back to the work of everyday living and remember that though you are a unique beautiful creation made in the Beloved’s image, you aren’t special.

Now go clean your dirty dishes and start building heaven on earth ,right from where you are!