• Marc-Henri Sandoz

Deprived of silence

In a recent video event “Conversations to heal your spiritual life“ I interviewed recently Edel Swords, a great Irish woman, holistic therapist and dedicated spiritual seeker. It was a great privilege.

Edel was raised in a catholic conservative Irish family. In her poignant testimony, she tells how religiosity affected her connection to silence:

« As I'm pondering on different aspects of my life the word Silence is coming to me... what a beautiful word and we use it in our meditation... finding God/the divine/Grace in the Silence... but the word for me brought the overwhelming feeling of a dark, dence, toxic atmosphere where the silence brought dread, fear and anxiety of what was brewing between my parents or between people in general who couldn't express their feelings. Who choose to say the rosary instead of saying how they were feeling or to momentarily hide their hatred. The silence was not peaceful or Godly.

It took me a very long time to experience peace in my silence!

In the silence emotions of pain, hurt, anger, love, joy, peace, were rotting behind prayer and devotion?!? »

As Edel, many of us were exposed to different forms of toxic spirituality, and even spiritual abuses. It can deprive us of true connection with beautiful spiritual dimensions.

For Edel: silence.

For others: grace, presence of the divine, trust, prayer…

Don't let past experiences or education separate you from precious ressources. You can live a more joyful life, with the help and presence of the divine. You can find grace as a rock for your self-esteem and self-trust. You can discover the ressources of prayer and faith to build your resilience and face life difficulties. You can connect to silence and find in it the source of your courage, intuition, inner peace.

And that all is not about religion, belief, cult, guru. Just about simple healing practices available for everybody, whatever your religion or absence of. Just about spirituality, a common treasure of all humanity, when it’s lived in a healthy way and not used to avoid and hide our wounds, fears, inner conflicts.

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