Psycho spiritual counseling and meditation teaching


There are four domains where my life experience and spiritual practice especially gives me tools and expertise to counsel and guide you on your own path of growing, healing and recovering:

  1. Quest for a spiritual dimension that you feel lacking in your life: all along my life journey, I've been looking for What Really Matters, the Great Mystery, the Divine. On this way, I've discovered gems and treasures, and have gained a discernment of what makes spirituality authentic, life sustaining, freedom promoting, healing, and what can make it toxic, restraining and hurting. A true and healthy spiritual dimension is an essential part of a full human experience, and is not the privilege or exclusivity of any religion or spiritual movement or school. I'll be delighted to help you find your own access to that dimension, in total respect of your own sensitivity, background and beliefs.​

  2. Desire for deeper and renewed meditation practice: I'm a trained meditation teacher for years, and have extensively practiced with several techniques and schools (among them Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, Yogic meditation, Christian meditation). I'm convinced that meditation practice doesn't belong to any religion and must be part of any deep and healthy spirituality. I can help you to find the way to practice meditation that fits your needs, aspirations, lifestyle and time schedule, are you a beginner or a long time practitioner of any kind of meditation.

  3. Need of ressources and support in difficult moments of your life: spirituality and spiritual practice have been for me incredible tools of resiliency, when I faced myself challenging life situations. Therefore I know how essential they may be for recovery and healing. On my way I've learned lessons of grace and love very precious. I look forward to share them with you, so that you receive the help and support you need, whatever the difficulties you face now.

  4. Toxic spirituality and spiritual abuse: the harm that such abuses can cause in one's life are often underestimated. If you have suffered spiritual abuse, if you have grown in a toxic spiritual environment, don't wait to face the wounds and traumas related to these issues. Dealing with them will help you to discover new realms of joy and life energy. Read more about it in this blog post about toxic spirituality.

If you resonate with one or more of these 4 points, I can help you. 

Write me if you have any question, I'll answer you in the shortest delay possible. 


Then, let's  book a first online counseling session together to begin right now to:

  • build your own spirituality, free and integrated with who you are, and find in it the ressources to live a better and happier life, whatever your present or past difficulties;

  • discover different spiritual practices that foster peace, clarity of mind and resilience, and tailor them to your own needs and way of life;

  • get free of the shame, guilt and curses that have been put upon you, and so discover a new joy and life energy;

  • bring to light the toxicity you've been exposed to, and go through your own spiritual decontamination and healing;

  • share openly, in a safe place, about your sufferings and traumatic experiences with religion and spirituality, and receive healing for the harm they have caused you.

So: don't wait, take care of yourselve, and write to me now !