Yoga for all 

Yoga and meditation for people with amputation or/and having physical disabilities


Yoga and meditation and spirituality have been of enormous help when I was confronted with the diagnosis of my cancer and the need of amputation. They have helped me to face what was happening to me, to find the ressources to take the good decisions, to recover after surgery, to adapt to my new condition. And now they give me tools to take good care of my body and mind through the new challenges of walking with a prosthesis and facing everything that makes the day of an amputee or disabled person.

Since my amputation I've begun an ongoing process of adapting yoga practice to my new condition, under the mentorship of Sianna Sherman and Carole Revelly, and have achieved with Sianna Sherman a professional 300 hours Rasa Yoga Teacher Training.

Here are some domains where yoga can help you with your amputation or disability:

  1. Taking care of your spine: very often, when you have to walk with a prosthesis, use crutches, a walking stick or a wheelchair, it causes a lot of efforts and imbalance in your body, and your spine pays the high price. Yoga can help you to strengthen and soften your back, and alleviate these effects.

  2. Discover again the joy and benefits of moving your body: yoga can adapt to every condition, and even very simple movements can be beneficial. 

  3. Find tools to help you with phantom pain and chronic pain: yoga and meditation are not magic remedies, but they can help you very much to find relief and live better with phantom pain and chronic pain.

  4. Learn ways to know better, love more and treat better your body: with yoga and meditation, we learn to work with the possibilities and limitations of our bodies, and enter into a process of being more able to love it and more skilled to treat it well.

  5. Feel able again: often, having to live daily with our difficulties and limitations, we feel disabled. It's so good to discover that we can do more than we would have imagined, and to find ways to treat ourselves well. It makes us feel able again, and increases our confidence and self esteem. All this is part of the recovery you deserve.

If you resonate with one or more of these 5 points, let's begin to work together.

Write me if you have any question, I'll answer you in the shortest delay possible.


Then we can book a moment to talk together via skype to define your need and expectations, and to help me know you and find what kind of practice I can propose you, before to begin our first private yoga lesson online.

So: don't wait, take care of yourselve, and write to me now !