I help people


... to live better with themselves and to treat themselves every day with a little more tenderness and respect,


... to integrate all the dimensions of their existence, the body, the emotions, the thoughts, the spiritual,


... to come to terms with their history and their painful experiences to draw strength and resilience,


... to regain their access to their body's resources, to their intuition, and to the power of their inner world.


My work with you is nourished not only by my theoretical and practical training and my 30 years of experience in counseling but also from my own life experience and, in particular, from my confrontation with illness and the hardships of life.


My perspective is resolutely integrative: integrating the physical, psychological and spiritual, integrating all experiences lived in existence. 


Our society and upbringing too often condition us to have an adversarial relationship with ourselves: we fight our emotions when they disturb us and seem hostile to us. We want to control our thoughts to express only those that seem helpful to us. We treat our bodies hard to be productive and efficient, and we try to hide our weaknesses and hurts from others and ourselves.


I know that this fight hurts us and robs us of our resources and our joy of living. I will help you welcome your emotions, your thoughts, your body, your inner world. You will learn to become intimate with all parts of yourself, including those that have been relegated to the shadows.


This is a work of integration, and this is how you can grow, mature, heal as much as you deserve as a unique and precious human being.


You will reap the following benefits to living better in a sustainable way:


  • You will regain access to your intuition

  • You will recover the life energy that was immobilized by this exhausting fight

  • You will experience a new joie de vivre

  • You will discover new resources to face the challenges of life

  • You will strengthen your self-confidence

  • You will gain freedom

  • You will know better what is important to you in life

  • You will learn to treat yourself with more tenderness and respect every day.

  • You will find rest and peace even amid difficult circumstances


Don't wait. Take care of yourself now.


Learning to meditate is to enter into a practice that will give you access to resources that you may not even imagine. It will help you live better, manage stress and daily difficulties, get to know yourself better, and treat you better.


Come on and connect with me to your Inner Wisdom, the space of peace that lies hidden deep within you, the source of your life energy, your strength, and your resilience.


I am especially susceptible to toxic spirituality and spiritual abuse because of my background: we underestimate the harm this causes to those exposed to it. If you have experienced some form of spiritual abuse or grown up in a spiritually toxic environment, such as a conservative or extremist sect, church, or religious movement, do not wait any longer. Deal with the injuries and traumas you have endured. Come and discover your resources to understand and overcome toxic spirituality and its impact on you.


I also practice and teach Tarot. I offer personalized readings and a course to discover how this practice can help you connect like never before with your intuition.


"The Tarot is not an oracle that will lock you into the certainty of a prediction imposed on you. The Tarot is a mirror held out to you to help you access your intuition and thus better understand what is happening in you and around you.

This way, you will be better able to cope with the circumstances you go through, mobilize your resources and sail the boat of your life, regardless of the weather and sea conditions. "

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