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Marc-Henri Sandoz Paradella M.A.

Psycho spiritual counseling, Hypnotherapy, Meditation and Yoga Nidra 



Our society and our education condition us to have a conflictual relationship with ourselves: we fight our emotions when they disturb us and seem negative to us. We would like to control our thoughts so that only those that seem useful are expressed. We treat our body harshly so that it is productive and efficient. We try to hide our weaknesses and inner wounds from others and from ourselves.


One thing is sure for me: this fight hurts us and deprives us of our resources and our joie de vivre. I will help you to welcome your emotions, your thoughts, your body. You will learn to become intimate with every parts of yourself, including those that have been relegated to the shadows.


It is a work of integration, and that is how you can grow, mature, heal, as much as you deserve as a unique and precious human being.


Here is what you will get from this process, in order to live better in a sustainable way:

  • You will regain access to your intuition

  • You will recover the vital energy that was immobilized by this exhausting fight

  • You will experience renewed life energy

  • You will discover new resources to face the challenges of life

  • You will strengthen your self-confidence

  • You will gain freedom

  • You will know better what is important to you in life

  • You will learn to treat yourself with more tenderness and respect every day

  • You will find rest and peace even in the midst of difficult circumstances


My practice is first rooted in my life journey and my spiritual journey, then in my training in integrative psychotherapy, shadow work, hypnotherapy and mindfulness (click here to find out more).


I invite you to contact me for an exploratory call. Don't wait, take care of yourself now.




Hypnotherapy will introduce you to the power of your own thinking and imagination, as well as your ability of absorption into yourself in order to create the positive changes you desire.


It can be effective in the following areas, among others:

  • Find more confidence in yourself

  • Solve your anxiety problems

  • Access to deep relaxation

  • Improve your sleep

  • Change problematic habits and behaviors

  • Better manage your stress

  • Free yourself from certain addictions (tobacco, sweets ...)

  • Overcoming certain blockages and fears that handicap you (fear of heights, fear of public speaking, fear of flying ...)

  • Live your relationships better

  • Set and achieve realistic goals


It usually takes no more than 5-10 sessions to see improvements in the desired areas. Some issues can even be treated effectively in 3-5 sessions.




I have been teaching meditation for several years, trained with several techniques and schools (including Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, yogic meditation, Christian meditation). The practice of meditation does not belong to any religion and must be part of any deep and healthy spirituality. I can help you find the type of meditation that suits your needs, aspirations, lifestyle and schedule, whether you are a beginner or a longtime practitioner of any type of meditation.


I give a meditation class online every week (in French only): “Oser le Repos”. It begins with a practice of sitting meditation, then continues with deep relaxation thanks to Yoga Nidra. Classes take place alternately Monday at 6 p.m. and Sunday at 10 a.m. Anyone interested is welcome to join the group, participation is free, donation possible. To register, use the button below to send me an email.




I am particularly sensitive to the question of toxic spirituality and spiritual abuse: we underestimate the harm it causes to those who have been exposed to it. If you have experienced some form of spiritual abuse, if you have grown up in a spiritually toxic environment, do not wait any longer to deal with the injuries and trauma inflicted on you. It can really help you regain joy and vital energy. Read this blog article about toxic spirituality.

I created a 4 weeks online healing course: « Heal Your Spiritual Life » to help anyone affected by this subject to help you decontaminate, renew and heal your spirituality. Click here to read more about it.


This is a subject that is still too little explored. To find out more, I invite you to download "Spiritual Detox", an e-book of a few pages that will help you understand more clearly what I mean by that.

... and very soon my book ‘Toxic Jesus’ will be available on amazon, on Apocryphile Press, or to order in your favorite bookstore. To read more about it, click here


Don’t hesitate to contact me for any comment, reaction, insight, question. I will be very happy and interested to read it and to begin a conversation with you.

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Don’t hesitate to contact me for any comment, reaction, insight, question. I will be very happy and interested to read it and to begin a conversation with you.